WHO Debates To Lift Global Alert Level For The CCP Virus

According to UN News, the World Health Organization’s held the 14th meeting of the Emergency Committee for the CCP Virus on January 27. Director General Tedros asked the committee members to make an authentic assessment under the International Health Regulations and provide recommendations on whether to lift the global alert level for the pandemic. In his opening remarks, Tedros said that on January 30, 2020, based on the recommendations of the Emergency Committee, the CCP virus constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.”” Since then, the committee has met every three months to assess and consider the latest developments regarding the pandemic. The Emergency Committee is led by the French doctor Hussain, includes 17 members and 11 advisors. This session focused on China, where the removal of pandemic restrictions has triggered a spike in deaths. Of the nearly 40,000 virus-related deaths reported to WHO worldwide in the past week, more than half came from China.

 Tedros said that based on the number of CCP virus infections and deaths reported in China in recent weeks, the WHO released the latest data on the 27th. According to statistics, more than 170,000 deaths have been reported worldwide in the past eight weeks, but the actual number must be much higher. Earlier, Tedros said at a regular press conference in Geneva on January 24 that the world should not underestimate the virus, causing turbulence and a spike in deaths in many countries. As the pandemic continues, the WHO should provide useful and truthful information to the public, critics say.

 It is worth noting that the WHO has not yet decided whether to lift the highest alert level for the CCP virus, the final decision will be made by Director Tedros.

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