Kim Jong-un’s True Feelings About The CCP And Xi Jinping

According to Miles Guo’s most recent sharing, when Kim Jong-un met with US Secretary Michael Pompeo, he severely chastised the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Kim regime was concerned that the US would leave the Korean Peninsula. Kim Jong-un said that Xi Jinping is absolutely the last general secretary of Communist China and that the CCP has no future. North Korea needs the United States to remain on the Korean Peninsula and has expressed its willingness to cooperate with the US to stir up trouble on the Korean Peninsula in order to milk Beijing. The Kim family has switched its allegiance to the US, which was something Miles mentioned some time ago. North Korea wants reunification with South Korea and is defending itself against Communist China only. The Kim regime reportedly turning against Xi must be a huge blow to the latter. Xi was recently informed by his advisors that his close ally Putin might be assassinated. Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei had already died of myocarditis a couple of months ago. Xi is losing his allies fast and it appears the wheels have come off the axis of evil.

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