At Least 7 Million Americans Suffer from Heart Damage Due to The CCP Virus Vaccines

According to media reports on January 20th, American cardiologist Dr. Thomas Levy revealed that as of now, at least 7 million Americans have had their hearts damaged due to the injection of the Covid-19 (also known as the CCP virus) vaccine, and it’s within the realm of possibility that over 100 million people in America have some degree of heart damage from the injections, which will be detectable with a troponin test. Dr. Thomas Levy is an American cardiologist and an attorney-at-law. He is a contributing editor for the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service and serves as a consultant to LivOn Labs. In a recent article titled “Myocarditis: Once Rare, Now Common,” he discussed the effects the spike protein was having on the heart. A study in mice showed that the injection of the mRNA vaccine, which produces the spike protein, reliably induced myopericarditis. Regardless of the initial source of exposure to spike protein, it appears to be the reason for the pathology and symptoms seen in chronic covid. In addition, both CCP virus vaccines and viral infections have been shown to cause blood clotting and thrombosis. Dr. Levy also addressed the sensitive topic of heart damage to pilots from the CCP virus vaccine. In October 2022, the FAA quietly changed the electrocardiogram (“ECG”) parameters for pilots to accommodate people who have a cardiac injury, suggesting that the vaccine had been causing a huge number of pilots to fail their screening. This is a tacit admission from the US government that the Covid vaccine has damaged the hearts of American pilots.

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