The Mortality Rate Of Encephalitis Caused By The CCP Virus Far Exceeds ‘White Lung’

A recent video from a medical doctor in communist China revealed that the CCP-virus(COVID) could cause encephalitis. A number of cases were found in the hospital where he works and were in critical condition. Meanwhile, a significant portion of patients who showed white lung were diagnosed with encephalitis in later developement. In one typical case, a patient with a week of fever and in a poor state suddenly fell to the ground and went into a coma. He was then sent to a local hospital for a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury. After a few days of treatment, he was transferred to the hospital where the M.D. works. During the examination, he was identified of CCP-virus infection, and it was not ruled out that the vaccine was responsible for the damage. Medical examination showed that the white lung condition was not serious, but the patient remained in a coma. Subsequent brain MRI results showed that one-third of the patient’s brain was a lesion. It can be determined that this patient is suffering from encephalitis most likely developed from the CCP-virus infection, medically called acute necrotizing encephalitis. This has a higher mortality rate and is more severe than the white lung. The hospital treatment was ineffective for this patient’s condition, because the hospitals in communist China would not provide some of the most effective drugs, including ivermectin and artemisinin. In one case, a patient who died 230 days after infection could still detect the presence of viral RNA from 14 different organs, especially in the brain region. Early warnings of encephalitis caused by the CCP-virus or vaccine include progressive deterioration of mental status, seizures, twitching of limbs, foaming at the mouth, and eventually coma.

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