Taiwan And US Trade Talks Progress Amid CCP Tensions

As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to threaten force against Taiwan, the relationship between the United States and Taiwan remains a focus for global attention. On January 23, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen publicly discussed the progress of trade negotiations between the two nations and expressed her willingness to support the export of Taiwanese agricultural products to the US. According to Taiwan media reports, President Tsai, accompanied by legislators from the Democratic Progressive Party, visited a temple in Mingjian Township to offer incense and distribute lucky bags. She stated that the government is currently negotiating with the United States on the 21st Century Trade Initiative, and had requested assistance from the international trade unit to open up the market for Taiwanese agricultural products. If the negotiations are successful, it will make it easier for Taiwanese products to enter the US market, with agricultural products being among the primary items to enter the market. Despite the challenges faced in the past year, such as changes in the outbreak of the CCP virus and changes in the global economic situation, Tsai emphasized that the people of Taiwan have remained united in overcoming difficulties. She also announced that she would convene a national security meeting to discuss how to deal with new challenges in the new year.

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