U.S.- Japan Holds “2+2” Security Talks on Military Alliance and Challenge from CCP

On January 11th, Secretary of State Blinken, Secretary of Defense Austin, Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi, and Japanese Defense Minister Hamada held the Security Consultative Talks in Washington. Hayashi said that Communist China has presented the greatest strategic challenge ever. Beijing’s foreign policy of reshaping international order for its benefit has raised serious concerns for not only the Japan-U.S. alliance but the international community as well. During the meeting, the ministers vowed to strengthen the U.S.-Japan alliance and security cooperation to face the challenges.

After talks, the four announced a joint statement, noting that U.S. and Japan will advance bilateral modernization initiatives to bolster deterrence by forward-stationing more versatile, mobile and resilient capabilities. The two sides also outlined actions to be taken to contain the growing military threat from the CCP in the East China Sea and around Taiwan, including plans to reorganize the U.S. Marine Corps in Okinawa and new agreements to cooperate in space and advanced military technology. Hamada added that the two allies would expand the joint use of Japanese facilities while increasing joint exercises and troop training.

According to the source, President Biden will meet Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida in Washington on January 13th.

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