Last Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten Sends New Year Wishes To Hong Kong And Believes The CCP Will Be Taken Down

On New Year’s Eve, Chris Patten, the last governor of Hong Kong, posted a video on social media to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. He wished the Hong Kong people well and encouraged them to hold onto their convictions that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which has committed so much evil, will undoubtedly be overthrown.

In this video with the soundtrack of “Glory to Hong Kong”, Patten first began his greeting in Cantonese “Wish you prosperity and wealth” and then wished Hong people worldwide a “Happy New Year, Jade Rabbit Greeting the Spring, and full of Happiness. He also wished the Year of the Rabbit will bring longevity, peace and prosperity. ” In particular, Patten extended his gratitude to Hong Kong people who had immigrated abroad, and his appreciation for all Hong Kong people who had been forced into exile or who had emigrated to the United Kingdom or other nations, as well as for their substantial contributions to the nation they now regarded as home. In addition, Patten extended his best wishes to those who remain in Hong Kong.

Patten claimed that the CCP has worked hard to crackdown on Hong Kong’s freedom and some pro-Communists have collaborated with them and committed numerous crimes in Hong Kong to aid the United Front. However, he strongly believes that dictatorships and the things they have been doing always have consequences and that they will eventually vanish into history. The values that Hong Kong stands for will undoubtedly outlast any totalitarian regime, including the CCP.

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