NFSC 25th Day Peaceful Protest

On December 14th, 2022, the New Federal State of China had been protesting peacefully for 25 days against Paul Hastings and O’Melveny law firms which these lawyers were working along with the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP ) to obtain unscrupulous and illicit funds and persecute the Fellow Fighters. Every day, Fellow Fighters held up protest placards in the lobby of the Grand Central Terminal in New York, drawing more and more onlookers to stop and inquire. Some young Jewish men commented on their protesting Fellow Fighters for doing an “amazing” job. They also expressed that they are surprised that 81 years after the fascist Holocaust, persecution of particular ethnic groups still occurs in the world In Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. The Fellow Fighters who protested in front of Shan Wei’s daughter’s mansion fought with wits and bravery while using an HDTV to show the opposing camera the depraved actions of PAG “Blue Gold and Yellow (BGY).”

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