A School In Liaoning Bases Teachers’ Title Evaluation To Their Blood Donations

Recently, a Chinese netizen posted a notice from a middle school in Liaoning on the Internet, saying that blood donors will be given priority in the school’s job, performance and merit evaluations, under the same conditions. The evaluation of teachers’ titles to blood donation sparked a lot of debate among netizens and had a negative impact. The school, under pressure from public opinion, said that the notice was not well thought out and was withdrawn. Blood donation is a personal dedication to social welfare. It is a kind of love, not compulsory and forced. However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has disguisedly forced people to donate blood by linking blood donations to their careers. In communist China, the salary of a teacher depends on his/her job title, a better rating will result in a higher salary. Therefore, many teachers have to spend a lot of effort on all sorts of evaluations in addition to completing regular teaching.

The evaluation of titles should focus on the affirmation of practitioners’ professional skills, however, under the rule of the CCP, schools and education bureaus often include additional political conditions to the title evaluation such as whether they are party members or loyal to the party, so the title evaluation tends to lose fairness and impartiality. And this time, In light of the local blood shortage in Liaoning due to a serious CCP-virus outbreak, blood donation was added as a condition for grading, disguising the blackmail of teachers. Of course this chaos is not limited to schools, but reflects the tragic fate of Chinese people exploited as “human ore” in a slave society under the CCP.

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