Jimmy Levy Sang For 500 Million Of Chinese Fighting Against The CCP

“On the night of January 20, 15x Billboard and award-winning record artist Jimmy Levy arrived at the live broadcast site of the “”I AM SING-RO”” Season 3 annual finale, with his new song – This Is A War, for over 500 million of Chinese fighting against the CCP. The lyrics read, this is a war on religions this is a war on the children … this is a war on traditions … this is a war that we living through this is a war they ain’t playing fair They feed off ya fear, they want you scared Death and despair its all in the air The song brings out a message that in face of such an enemy, we must unite together and stay empowered. After the live broadcast, Jimmy said in an interview that Miles Guo is a fighter, a hero, and that each contestant is incredibly talented. He also said that although he couldn’t understand Chinese, he could feel the love passed on the scene through the music.

 Previously with his songs, Jimmy Levy inspired Brazilians who took to the streets to fight against the dictatorship, as well as Canadians and Americans who engaged in the mighty anti-Covid 19 vaccine mandate movement of truckers. In spite of the social media censorship, he still has over 1 million followers on Instagram and has been recognized as the “Voice of the Worldwide Revolution”.

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