Xi’s Health Is Rapidly Deteriorating And He May Invade Taiwan Impulsively

After the 20th Party Congress, Xi’s regime looks solid as he breached the agreement with his predecessor Hu Jintao and replaced the central committee members with his gangs, but in fact, the resentment against him within the party made him extremely insecure. According to Miles, Xi is under pressure for the following issues, his deteriorating health after multiple infections of his own bioweapon AKA COVID-19; the anger of the desperate underclass in the country due to massive deaths caused by the CCP-virus; the accelerating flight of foreign investment and the international community’s determination to fully decouple from Communist China; and the surging opposition from the CCP ruling class against him.

Although the PLA’s top brass has dissuaded Xi from attacking Taiwan, saying the time is not ripe. But after getting informed that both the U.S. White House and House speaker McCarthy will be visiting Taiwan around March and April and that a major Christian Conference will also be held in Taiwan, some suggested Xi must wage the war if U.S. President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris set his/her foot on Taiwan.

Nonetheless, Miles warned that the relevant government agencies, military and the general public must remain vigilant and be well prepared for war as Xi is well known for his recklessness, and he may act impulsively to attack Taiwan.

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