CCP Lifts Firework Bans In Several Cities

On January 18, the municipal governments of Hangzhou, Nanjing, Kunming, Zhengzhou, and other major cities in China issued official statements, permitting residents to set off fireworks to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year in designated areas within limited hours, but it is illegal to buy flammable and explosive items over the Internet or to transport them in private vehicles.

On the same day, Nanjing Public Security Bureau announced its guidelines in a press conference. It says it will provide 20 fireworks zones in 5 districts outskirts of the city, where residents are only allowed to buy fireworks at the designated peddling spots located in the same area. Other than these zones, no firework setting off is allowed.

Also, any transportation in private vehicles, storage, and sale of fireworks through online or mail delivery are illegal. Observers point out that the reason why the CCP has had to opened some areas to the public to set off fireworks is that it needs to let Chinese people to vent their frustrations over the years and to create a seemingly festive atmosphere during the traditional holiday season, even though the CCP authorities are afraid of the Flame Movement now in full swing in China.

Miles Guo said that when people no longer fear the Chinese dictatorship, the Flame Movement will spread quickly in Mainland China. Even though Beijing lifts its firework ban, it tightens its grip over the production, sales, and transportation of fireworks. The CCP has clearly prepared by banning on A4 paper, cutting boards, and fireworks in China; however, it cannot stop the Chinese people from using fire legally to defend their freedom, protect their families, and burn the evil CCP to the ground.

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