China Reports Nearly 60000 CCP Virus-related Deaths In A Month

“Among patients who registered at hospitals from early December till now, nearly 60,000 people have died in China from the CCP virus-linked infections, including 5,503 deaths related to respiratory failure and 54,435 deaths due to underlying diseases combined with the virus,” the director of the Department of Medical Administration of the National Health and Medical Commission of China said at a press conference on Saturday afternoon, according to reports on January 14th.

The Communist China authorities have covered-up the death numbers in the past month. Commentators say the official announcement may be related to the intense international pressure on Beijing. The State Council of China stated the “New Ten Rules” on December 7th last year, which is widely regarded as a landmark event to end the “zero-COVID” policy, and began coexistence with the virus.

According to the National School of Development at Peking University, as of January 11th, the infection rate of the CCP virus has reached almost 64% after the government announced the “New Ten Rules”, and nearly 900 million people in the country’s population were infected. Hospitals are overcrowded and overwhelmed, and pharmacies are out of fever drugs, cold medicines, and other related drugs. Crematoriums and funeral homes are piled up with bodies, and the cost of cremation has soared from the usual thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan in some places.

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