The CCP Raised Iran’s Oil Exports To Record High

Foreign media reported on January 15 that despite U.S. sanctions, Iranian oil exports hit a record high in the last two months of 2022 since 2019 and a strong start in 2023, all thanks to its biggest customer, Communist China. The energy consultant SVB International said that Iran’s crude exports averaged 1.137 million barrels per day in December, up 42,000 barrels per day from November’s average, which was the highest figure reported in all estimates for 2022. Exports were as strong in January this year as in previous months. The main challenges for Iran’s oil exports are lower demand from Communist China and competition from Russia. Most of Iran’s oil still flows to the Far East and eventually to Xi’s regime. Another analysis platform, Vortexa, believes that Beijing imported a record 1.2 million barrels per day of Iranian oil in December, up 130% from last year. Most of this oil is shipped to Shandong Province, China. Other consultants investigating the origins of oil supplies also said they are likewise seeing an upward trend in exports of Iranian crude oil, of which Communist China is the biggest customer. In order to avoid US sanctions, most of the crude oil exported from Iran to Communist China has been re-labeled as having a different origin.

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