Legacy Media Conglomerates Sued For Suppressing Truth Of The CCP Virus Vaccine

U.S. media reported on January 10, independent media outlets, health freedom activists, and medical professionals jointly filed a lawsuit against some of the most significant legacy media conglomerates over their collusion to silence smaller competitors critical of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) virus and vaccine policies.nThe unprecedented lawsuit claims that the BBC, the Washington Post, Reuters, and the Associated Press violated antitrust laws and the constitutionally-protected First Amendment. The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas – Amarillo Division, seeks damages in millions of dollars. According to the lawsuit, in March 2020, these four mainstream media outlets partnered with Big Tech firms, including Twitter, Meta, Microsoft, and Google, to create the so-called ‘Trusted News Initiative’(TNI), whose participants account for 90% of the social media market, 90% of the social networking market, 75% of the video hosting market, and over 90% of the search engine market.

The TNI prevents Internet users from dissenting from the CCP virus, collectively censors online news, publicly claims to be the ‘truth police’, blocks so-called ‘disinformation’, and shuts down online news publishers. In fact, they have entirely suppressed accurate and legitimate reporting to promote the participants’ economic self-interest. This private economic profit is the promotion of the CCP virus vaccine. The mainstream media completely suppressed skepticism about the virus and the vaccine’s side effects information. Charlene Bollinger, one of the initiators of the lawsuit, stated that the case is to uphold the right to free speech as an American and to hold those involved in the violation of the antitrust laws accountable. She is steadfast in her commitment to emphasizing that the risks of the toxic CCP virus vaccine are well documented and that those who the TNI’s media partnership has misled are facing numerous dangers.

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