The World Enters The Mode Of Automatic Extermination Of Communism

Miles Guo noted in a video released on January 14 that the world’s top institutions, such as the United States, Japan, the EU, etc., are entering a race to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). As early as Oct. 5, 2017, Miles warned the world at a press conference in Washington D.C to be prepared for a dark age from the CCP. Unfortunately, the deafening reminder did not attract enough attention from Western countries. The CCP virus broke out from Wuhan in 2020 and spread rapidly across the world, severely hitting the world economy. However, what is even more distressing is that the losses and consequences caused by the vaccine disaster are destroying our civilization. High-end people, including medical experts, lawyers, dignitaries, religious leaders, etc., have chosen to trust pseudoscience and the government unconditionally and got vaccinated for the first time and many times. These elites lead the “tombstone civilization”, for which mankind will pay a heavy price. Miles said that Western countries have only now realized that the evil CCP is the source of all evil. The elimination of the CCP is the most important mission given to mankind right now. Whoever can take the lead in the resolute extermination of the Communist Party will be able to carve a strong mark in history. Miles emphasized that only by cooperating with the New Federal State of China to completely eradicate communism can mankind have a chance to be redeemed.

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