China’s Post Office Is To Tighten Control On Fireworks In The Mailing Services

According to local media reports on January 14th, China State Post Bureau issued a notice asking local postal administrations to further strengthen control over the mailing and delivery of fireworks and flammable and explosive items through the mailing system. To prevent fireworks and firecrackers from becoming a “Flammable hazard” during the Chinese citizens’ spring festival celebrations, the CCP has asked local governments to issue a total ban on all ordinances which will see a ban on all fireworks and firecrackers in the name of environmental protection and safety. Local postal authorities are now required to implement measures such as real-name certification of both delivery and the details of the senders. A full inspection and X-ray security checks of all mail items are also required, and postal authorities must conduct comprehensive inspections. Postal outlets are being improved to strengthen the control of all types of fireworks and flammable and explosive items. The CCP also stipulated that no mail or delivery services should be provided to fireworks producers and sellers, especially in Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. According to observers, the CCP’s fear of a “Flame revolution” is evident not only in the production and distribution of fireworks but also in the logistics associated with them. What the CCP actually fears is the best weapon for the Chinese people. The “Flame Revolution“ ignites the fire of anger and hope in the hearts of the oppressed and forgotten Chinese people.

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