Washington’s Foreign Affairs Community Pays Attention to Miles Guo’s Court Case

On January 11th, Prolific Solutions, a leading U.S. diplomatic and public relations consulting firm, republished a story about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s unrestricted judicial warfare against the United States. The article was written by Kelly Walker, one of the nation’s top political journalists; previously, the article has appeared in two conservative media outlets.

In the article, the author detailed how the CCP has subverted U.S. judicial independence through a series of illegal activities, including its illegal financial transaction with senior law firms, its infiltration of the U.S. justice system, how the CCP has manipulated the due process in the U.S. courts, and its attempt to subvert the United States’ position in foreign affairs.

The article cited the judicial persecution of Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), in the United States as an example of how the CCP’s unrestricted judicial warfare can be so deadly, it’s the modern war without weapons and blood but will cause overwhelming mental, physical, economical, and political damages to the victims.

Miles Guo revealed in a GETTR post that Prolific Solutions is a consulting firm that provides cross-disciplinary consulting services and solutions to governments, sovereign states, and international non-profit organizations around the world, and its republishing of the article means that the CCP’s unrestricted judicial warfare and the New Federal State of China as a political organization have received the attention of the foreign affairs community in Washington.

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