Satellite Images Show Heavy Traffic Flooding Into China’s Funeral Homes

Google satellite images from Planet Labs, a satellite firm showed that at the end of December, there were long lineups of vehicles in front of funeral homes in some cities in mainland China. Some funeral homes also have more changes in vehicle flow than others. Last month, the traffic flow of funeral homes in Panyu District of Guangzhou and Shenyang showed a record high congestion that has never been seen in the past five to ten years.

According to experts in satellite imagery, from the beginning of December, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of vehicles and other activities near some of the funeral homes, as seen in several images. It is also worth noting that white vehicles, which seem to be hearses, buses, and cars, can be seen in various places. These vehicles may be used to transport family members to and from the cemeteries or serve as funeral vehicles. Analysts point out that because many elderly people live in rural areas with poor medical conditions, the mortality rate there may be higher than that in cities. It is anticipated that the number of fatalities in Beijing will continue to rise in the upcoming weeks, as the fatality rate normally peaks 3–4 weeks after an increase in infection rate.

According to the most recent Baidu search index, the number of people searching for the word “tested positive” peaked in mid-December, while the number of people searching for words like “funeral home” and “crematorium” peaked a week or two later. The number of searches for “funeral services” soared. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deliberately covered up the death toll of this wave of pandemic, but they cannot cover up an eye in the sky.

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