Chinese Communist Party Suspends Japanese And Korean Visas In Retaliation For South Korea

On January 10th, the Chinese Communist government reportedly suspended the issuance of several types of visas for Japanese and South Korean citizens in retaliation for recent entry restrictions on Chinese nationals in Japan and South Korea. The sudden liberalization of outbound travel by the Chinese Communist Party has sparked panic in countries around the world at a time when the CCP virus is exploding within Communist China.

Recently, an increasing number of countries have implemented measures to test travelers from mainland China for inbound viruses. As neighbors of Communist China, Japan and South Korea were the first countries to impose entry restrictions on travelers from Communist China.

At the beginning of the liberalization of the Chinese Communist Party’s epidemic prevention policy, Korea decisively took measures to quarantine travelers from Communist China. The South Korean government announced in late December 2022 that it would suspend the issuance of several short-term visas in Communist China from January 2nd, 2023 until the end of January in order to prevent the importation of the outbreak.

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