U.S. To Deploy Marines In Okinawa In Response To The CCP Threat

It was reported by Yomiuri newspaper that the United States wants to deploy U.S. Marine units in Okinawa by 2026, and will discuss the plan with Japan government. The details will be announced after the two-plus-two meeting between the U.S. ministers of defense and foreign affairs and their Japanese counterparts on January 11th.

The report pointed out that, given that Japan’s Ryukyu Islands and the area around Taiwan are within the range of the CCP’s military missiles, the CCP will soon be able to gain control of the air and the sea once a war starts. To avoid this, the U.S. expects to establish a new unit called Marine Littoral Regiment, or MLR, armed with long-range anti-ship missiles and air defense throughout Okinawa to deter CCP’s military, which has been repeatedly invading other countries’ waters recently.

The report also mentioned that the U.S. Army intends to create a total of three MLR units. The first MLR unit was established in Hawaii last March, followed by the one in Okinawa. The third unit has not yet been finalized but it is likely to be in Guam.

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