McCarthy: The Select Committee On China Is the best Avenue For Addressing Threat Posed By The CCP

At the January 10th plenary session of the U.S. House of Representatives, in response to the discussion of the Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the United States and the CCP, the newly elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that Communist China poses a serious threat to the U.S. and creating the Select Committee on the CCP is the best avenue for addressing it.

McCarthy said, “If you want to end our dependence on China, the committee will investigate; if you want to protect our national security, the committee will work on it; If you want to stop the theft of intellectual property and bring the supply chain back to America, this committee will work to make it happen. worried about the Chinese propaganda in our schools and lobbying efforts in Washington?

This committee will shine a bright light on it. Outraged that the CCP is buying American farmland? This committee will work to stop it.” “We want to stop trillions of American dollars from financing Communist Genocide and military modernization. The committee will work to prevent it, including by investigating how ESG benefits the CCP.

The select committee on China will create the plan that will take us to where we really need to go, it will get us all on the same page and move us in the right direction. Members of the selected committee will work closely with their colleagues on every committee to get the job done,” he added.

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