Twitter Cuts Global Content Moderation Oversight Staff

According to foreign media reports on January 7th, Twitter has further reduced the trust and safety team responsible for global content moderation, as well as employees in departments related to hate speech and harassment. On the evening of January 6th, Twitter saw at least a dozen layoffs affecting staff at the company’s Dublin and Singapore offices, according to people familiar with the matter.

Twitter’s recent layoffs also include Nur Azhar Bin Ayob, head of site integrity for the Asia-Pacific region, Analuisa Dominguez, senior director of revenue policy, and staff from the misinformation, global appeals, and state media teams. Twitter laid off about 3,700 workers in a cost-cutting measure in early November, followed by hundreds of resignations.

Miles Guo once said that high operating costs are the core problem facing social media. The cost of Twitter is hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and a lot of bureaucratic costs are the Achilles’ heel of these social media operations. Eventually, Twitter will disappear because it has no free speech, too many fake accounts, and “original sin.”

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