The Coming Economic Crisis Will Deal A Fatal Blow To The CCP

Miles Guo highlighted in the January 8 broadcast that the coming global economic crisis will deal a fatal blow to CCP, and while this is a good thing for the Whistleblower Movement, the Chinese people will have to pay a huge price for it. However, the people of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) will grow and benefit from this unprecedented economic crisis. The funding CCP uses to maintain its dictatorship, as well as to infiltrate and collude around the globe, are based on the exploitation of over a billion Chinese people. As the U.S. launches its investigation into the origin of the virus, and competition in the economic and technological fields in full swing, it will make this economic crisis come earlier. Eventually, the economic crisis will end the totalitarian CCP regime dominated by several CCP cadres’ families in China, at a huge cost to the people. The most frightening thing about the brewing economic crisis is having huge staff expenses and fixed costs. However, each platform created by the Whistleblower Movement is highly profitable, low risk, low cost and predictable, and will therefore attract continuous investments from investors. The NFSC has to seize the unprecedented opportunity to accumulate prestige and establish more long-term strategic partnerships and collaborations during this economic crisis. The NFSC has and will continue to save as many lives as possible during the CCP Virus and COVID vaccine disasters, which not only accumulated good karma but also paved the way for world recognition. Currency is inevitably born at the same time as the political power of a group, so NFSC will also gain the power to mint currency during this economic crisis.

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