Germany Supplying Armored Combat Vehicles To Ukraine

Following France’s announcement on January 4 to provide tanks to Ukraine, Germany and the United States signed a tank agreement on the night of January 5, announcing further supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine. The United States intends to provide Ukraine with a “Bradley” fighting vehicle, whilst German Chancellor Schulz announced that Germany will provide Ukraine with a Marder Infantry fighting vehicle, which means that Germany has finally taken an important step forward.

 Although the “Marder” is not a main battle tank, Ukraine still needs a cheetah tank capable of fighting in order to regain its territory and win greater victories, but such news is undoubtedly good news for Ukraine.

 Months earlier, Ukrainian President Zelensky had urged Germany to send tanks to defend Ukraine against Putin’s invasion. But Schulz was stubborn and rejected Germany’s “single-handed” approach to the delivery of heavy weapons, and delivered 40 “Marder” infantry fighting vehicles to Greece instead of Ukraine. Schulz has also come under severe criticism from the opposition and his own party. The pressure on the German Chancellor increased significantly after French President Macron announced on January 4 that he was willing to supply Ukraine with dozens of AMX-10 RC battle tanks. Now, the United States and Germany have followed suit and have been praised by all parties. Some people in Germany have called for the training of Ukrainian soldiers to start “as soon as possible.”

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