89 Russian Soldiers Killed in the Largest Raid Since Invasion Begun

According to Taiwan local media, Russia’s military camp in the Maiivka area of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine was raided by the Ukrainian army on January 1st. This attack claimed 63 Russian soldiers, which is the heaviest casualty publicly acknowledged by the Russian army since it invaded Ukraine on February 24th last year. The Russian Ministry of Defense said on January 4th that after cleaning up the scene of the incident, the death toll must be revised up to 89. The Russian Defense Ministry said that the school of the Maiivka as a mobilization camp has mobilized all efforts to rescue wounded soldiers after the attack, but in the process of clearing the debris of the building, dead Russian soldiers have been found and the overall death toll has risen from 63 to 89. The Russian Ministry of Defense promised to provide necessary assistance to all wounded soldiers and the families of fallen soldiers. The Russian Ministry of Defense said the main reason was that the Russian army violated the communication ban and used personal mobile phones on a large scale. Since the troops were stationed within the reach of the Ukrainian army’s firepower, the Ukrainian army could grasp the orientation and determine the location of the soldiers for long-range attacks. In the Ukrainian-Russian war, the Russian army almost never discloses their war losses. This incident, where 89 people were killed is the heaviest casualty publicly admitted by the Russian army since the invasion. The incident also caused dissatisfaction among domestic military experts, and some members of Congress demanded that the command level should be held legally responsible.

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