North Korea Temporarily Bans Entry of the Tourists from Communist China

According to media reports on December 29th, since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) announced the end of the mandatory quarantine of incoming passengers, and allowed some Chinese people to travel abroad, the United States, Japan, Italy, Spain, and many other countries have announced the implementation of new epidemic prevention measures for arrivals from Communist China, requiring mandatory PCR test negative certificates.

North Korea has taken a step further than other countries by banning entry of Chinese arrivals across the board. In addition to this, North Korea is requiring all recently arrived travelers from Communist China, including North Korean citizens, to undergo 30 days of quarantine and observation. It is reported that North Korea is currently the only country that prohibits Chinese tourists from entering the country.

It had also previously been the first country to close its borders to Communist China at the onset of the CCP virus outbreak. It was not immediately clear when North Korea will implement the measure or how long it will last. We will continue to pay close attention to the development of the situation.

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