G Music Is The Core Of Exposing The Evil CCP

According to Miles Guo, much music, including music created under the CCP’s rule, emphasizes the so-called ‘professional template’, but in fact, music itself should be “spiritual” and original. The so-called ‘professional’ is only a tool to be used in creation. Music is supposed to be uplifting, pleasurable, and self-transcending, not something made by a ‘music factory’.

The core of NFSC music is to take down the CCP. Since we all have the experience of being pressured and persecuted by the CCP, we can empathize with the lyrics and tunes, so every song can be supported and sung by countless fellow fighters. Although presently, the music of the NFSC is still at the stage of touching people with words, in the future, we will definitely create original tunes that can attract empathy and truly make the NFSC unique.

Many of our fellow fighters and their families have been listening to NFSC music even before they passed away because the NFSC music is righteous and lifesaving. This is the power of music.

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