Many Provinces In China Announce Infection Rate Surveys, 50% Infected in Hainan

Since the National Health Commission of Communist China refused publishing daily cases of the CCP virus infections, local governments across the country have been conducting infection rate questionnaires.

On Friday, Li Wenxiu, deputy director of the Hainan Provincial Health Commission, said at a press conference about the provincial pandemic prevention and control that the number of new infections in Hainan Province is fluctuating at a high level every day. It is estimated that the infection rate has reached 50%, the surveyed infection rates in Sanya and Haikou cities is 57.1% and 52.8%.

Another 12 cities and counties with infection rates ranging from 25% to 37.5%. At present, the number of visits to fever clinics is still at a relatively high in Hainan province. The tested positive rate has risen from 11.31% on the 11th to 47.01% at the peak on the 19th; and since then, the rate is on a downward trend.

On the 29th, the positive rate fell to 30.61%, seeing a plateau in the number of positive patients. At a press conference on December 28th, the CDC of Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province announced that the city infection rate is about 30% to 35%. Infected areas are mainly concentrated in urban areas and large rural townships.

The Infected population is mainly young and middle-aged and adolescents, and the infection rate in the rural elderly population is not yet high. In addition, the surveyed questionnaire results released by the Sichuan Provincial CDC on the 25th showed that the province’s infection rate was 63.52%. With the arrival of the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival holidays, and the increase number of travelling in urban and rural areas, it is foreseeable that China would face a new wave of infections.

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