Our Debut at AMFEST 2022 Showed the World that Chinese Can Be Independent and Trustworthy

On December 29th, Miles Guo once again spoke highly of the AMFEST 2022 in Phoenix 10 days ago in his Grand Live broadcast after his three weeks in memory of his father. He considered the conference in Phoenix as the best gift to his deceased parents. Miles Guo pointed out that in Phoenix, for the first time on the world stage, sister Nicole and brother Prince Lee spoke on behalf of the Chinese people and the heartfelt message of the New Federal State of China: we must take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the whole world must take down the CCP. Their speech was a declaration to the world that the Chinese people cannot be represented by the CCP; If we live in a good environment, the Chinese people can sing songs that nobody else can sing and explore a path that nobody else has taken. Chinese people love peace. We are a nice and kind race. We don’t beg for money and we don’t lie and falsify. The Chinese people can be independent and wonderful. Chinese people certainly deserve real democracy and freedom.

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