Taiwan’s TSMC Starts Mass Production Of 3nm Chips

On December 29, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(TSMC) said it had started mass production of 3nm chips, this is one of the most advanced chips coming to the market. Taiwan TSMC operates the world’s largest chip factory. It plays a huge role in the global chip industry and accounts for nearly 50 percent of the world’s sub-10nm chip production. TSMC produces a variety of high-performance chips for smartphones, cars, missiles, and other products. TSMC’s 3nm chips are expected to have more processing power, use less energy, and improve battery performance. Meanwhile, 3nm chips will be used in the most advanced technology products, including supercomputers, cloud servers, high-speed Internet, and mobile devices. Due to the growing threat to Taiwan from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the disruption of supply chains around the world caused by the CCP virus, as well as geopolitical influences and other factors, TSMC has Strategically built foundries around the world. For example, it has completed a plant in Arizona, USA. TSMC has agreed to build a foundry in Japan and is evaluating Germany as another possible location for a foundry. The Taiwanese government has ensured that most of TSMC’s advanced production stays in Taiwan, believing this can be used as a counterweight to the Chinese Communist Party.

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