NFSC’s ‘Say No to Evil’ Protest Enters 38th Day

To fight against the Chinese Communist Party spy Shan Weijian, Paul Hastings, and Luc A. Despins’ abuse of the American judicial process and the unrestricted legal warfare, since November 20th, the members of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) have started the 90-day protesting actions in multiple cities in the U.S., including Washington D.C., Connecticut, California, New York City and Tokyo. On December 27th, the 38th day of the protests, there are many events happened at the protesting sites; on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, more and more people know about the NFSC and their mission to take down the CCP; an Iranian woman denounces the Iranian government’s unholy alliance with the CCP; employees at a luxury hotel also expressed their support for the NFSC. At Grand Central Station in New York City, a Jewish supporter expressed his empathy for the CCP’s persecution of the Chinese. He thinks Shan Weijian, the CCP spy, equals to a Jewish traitor who was more dangerous than the enemy for the Jews during World War II. He completely understands the situation that some American traitors colluded with the CCP to betray the Chinese and Americans, and Shan Weijian acted as a middleman.

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