Shanghai Funeral Homes and Mortuaries Overwhelmed by Waves of CCP Virus Deaths

Since another wave of the CCP virus outbreak swept across mainland China, funeral homes in northern cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, have reportedly run out of coffins. The families of the deceased must wait more than a month before their dead relatives can be cremated.

In addition to funeral homes, various hospitals and morgues are also overwhelmed by the surge of deaths; even in Sichuan, Chongqing, and Jiangxi, as well as provinces with lower population density, are reporting that their morgues are overcrowded. On December 25th, a social media video showed people queuing up at funeral homes in Shanghai, China’s largest economic center and most populous city. According to the video taken of the funeral home on Xibaoxing Road in downtown Shanghai, people began lining up from 7:15 AM.

It is reported that there are a total of 15 funeral homes in Shanghai. The situation of other funeral homes is going through similar difficulties if not worse. Rather than taking active measures to save the people and maintain the public services since the recent wave of CCP virus deaths in China, the Chinese Communist Party authority has strengthened media censorship, covering up the truth and even stopped reporting the daily death toll to the public.

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