The Foreign Minister Of Communist China Indicates A Desire To Strengthen Relations With Russia

Wang Yi, the foreign minister of China, defended his country on December 25th, asserting that China had a fair stance on the Russia-Ukrainian War and indicating that it would like to improve ties with Russia in the next year.

Wang Yi, who was speaking via video at a conference in the capital of China, accused the United States of being to blame for the worsening of ties between the two largest economies in the world, adding that China “firmly rejected the United States’ erroneous China policy.”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) resisted Western pressure on trade, technology, human rights, and the Western Pacific, and declined to denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and support international sanctions against Russia. According to Wang Yi, the CCP will develop a mature partnership of interests with Russia and increase its strategic collaboration with Moscow.

Wang Yi declared that China would continue to contribute positively to the dispute in order to aid in resolving the Ukrainian issue.

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