CCP Uses Fentanyl To Launch ‘Asymmetrical Warfare’ On U.S.

According to a foreign media report on December 25th, Republican Rep. Pat Fallon noted that the CCP is using the drug, fentanyl to wage an asymmetric war against the United States, which has failed to hold Xi Jinping accountable. In an interview with Fallon, who is a member of the House Armed Services Committee, he talked about the new data of Department of Homeland Security released on Friday night. He said that the CCP manipulates drug cartels that illegally smuggle fentanyl from Communist China to Mexico and into the United States. Mr. Fallon noted that authorities have seized 28,000 pounds of Fentanyl since the current U.S. President took office. In the past year, about 107,000 Americans have died from Opioid overdoses, 80,000 of them from Fentanyl, alone. Most of the Fentanyl is manufactured in China and transported through Mexico. This is an asymmetric war waged by CCP against our country. It was also reported that Maryland Democratic Congressman David Trone, co-chair of the Federal Commission on Opioid Trafficking, said he spoke with the CCP’s ambassador to the United States in March and again in May and met with CCP security officials through virtual meetings in July. But the U.S. and China have not reached any consensus on the matter through talks. Miles Guo, the initiator of the Whistleblower Movement, has repeatedly warned the public that smuggling large quantities of fentanyl into the United States is an important strategy of the CCP’s 3F plan to “weaken America, disrupt America, and destroy America.”

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