One Million New Cases Daily In Zhejiang And Predicts To Raise Exponentially In The Future

At a news conference on the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic on December 25th, the deputy director of the Health Commission of Zhejiang Province stated that the infection status was predicted based on recent case monitoring and community sampling, the peak period is soon to be reached. There are now more than one million cases per day. Around New Year’s Day, it is anticipated to hit a plateau. At that time, the province’s “daily new positive cases would reach a maximum of 2 million, and the peak period is predicted to extend for a week.” Zhejiang Province has an estimated 65.4 million residents. It said that one severe symptom brought on by the CCP virus and 242 severe infections brought on by underlying conditions, out of the 13,583 infections treated in hospitals around the province. Furthermore the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities have drastically revised the definition of reported CCP virus deaths by only counting those deaths due to pneumonia or respiratory failure brought on by the CCP virus. So it shows no new deaths in Zhejiang and the total number of CCP virus deaths in Communist China has been greatly underestimated. Additionally, a study by Capital Economics claims that at present, the CCP authorities are doing nearly nothing to stop the infection’s spread. As people return to their hometowns in large numbers before the Lunar New Year, any region in Communist China that has not yet experienced a significant outbreak of disease is likely to do so. An enormous outbreak is about to occur. Communist China has entered the most hazardous weeks of the pandemic

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