Ukraine Will Create Its Own Christmas Miracle

In a Christmas video address on December 24, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said Ukrainians would work their own miracle this Christmas and demonstrate their unyielding defense, despite the millions falling into darkness due to Russians’ attack, according to media reports. He said that while the price of freedom is high, the price of enslavement will be even higher. Having endured attacks, threats, nuclear blackmail, terror and missile strikes, the Ukrainian people will also endure this winter because they know what they are fighting for. Even in total darkness, he continued, the Ukrainians will stand by each other and hold each other close. If there is no heat, they will embrace tightly and warm with each other, as well as smiling and being happy as usual. The Ukrainians will not wait for a miracle but to create it alone. As of December 24, the Russia-Ukraine war has been ongoing for 10 months, killing tens of thousands of people and millions in exile both home and abroad.

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