Surging Deaths Toll Causes Mortuaries Shortage in China Guang Zhou

In Communist China, the funeral industry is overburdened as the CCP virus pandemic continues to spread. Recently, medical professionals in Guangzhou disclosed that the number of deaths had risen drastically. The hospital morgue was at full capacity all the time. Due to the increasing number of deaths, some bodies have to be put on the ground for more than four days before they can be transferred to the morgue. An exposed group chat of a medical institution showed that on December 21, there were 24 deaths in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, some of the bodies had to wait 96 hours before being sent to the morgue. A medical staff posted that the current death toll is at an all-time high and that the hospital’s morgue is overflown, and the staff has to put the bodies on the ground. Timely cleanup is impossible because the hospital is running at full capacity. Most of the deceased were between the ages of sixty and eighty, and the majority of them died from the CCP virus.

It is reported that in hospitals in China, the bodies of those who died of the CCP virus are stored separately from others. If the person has died from the CCP virus, a lengthy procedure involving multiple signatures and stamps is required before the funeral home comes to collect the body of the deceased; therefore, the infection rates of the CCP virus among healthcare workers are generally high.

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