U.S. Foreign Agents Who Cooperate With The CCP Should Be Prosecuted For Treason

Live from America Fest in Phoenix, December 18th, the NFSC had an exclusive news report. Reporter Rachel interviewed Ben Bergquam, director of Frontline America. Bergquam pointed out that those U.S. agents who have been secretly working with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) should be prosecuted by the authorities for treason. When talking about the fact that some Americans are using their state-granted freedoms to col-lude with the CCP and willingly act as foreign agents for the regime, Bergquam did not hesitate to say that these profit-minded individuals, especially those who support foreign hostile forces that are contentious to the U.S. Government, should all be prosecuted for treason. The CCP is not only trying to undermine and control the Western democratic world, including Europe and the United States, but is also working to disrupt the global financial order and, by do-ing so, trying to make today’s U.S. dollar lose its dominant position as a global currency. In the face of such a serious catastrophe, many unscrupulous individuals in the U.S. military and politi-cal establishment have reneged on their oath to defend the Constitution of the U.S. and have shamelessly colluded with the CCP dictatorship for their own personal benefit. These traitors should also be charged with treason. In addition, there are also media and technology giants who profit from selling cheap products exploited by the CCP and touting the dictatorship. They should also be fully prosecuted and held accountable by the U.S. Government as well.

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