British Lawmakers Sound The Alarm; Xi’s Regime Is Redefined As A ‘Threatening Competitor’

According to a foreign media report on December 18th, Britain’s cross-party Foreign Affairs Committee has sounded the alarm about Britain’s dependence on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), with lawmakers fearing that a crisis involving Beijing and Taiwan could have “more devastating” economic effects than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The report also says that one-third of the world’s trade passes through the South China Sea, and that Taiwan produces 90% of the world’s advanced semiconductors. Since the UK concerns about the CCP’s “weaponization” of the supply chain, almost all sectors in the island have formed strategic groups to deal with the over-dependence on the CCP’s supply chain.

Congresswoman Alicia Kearns highlighted the troubling changes taking place in Communist Chi-na. Over the past decade, Xi’s regime has sought to strengthen its dictatorship and has demonstrated a calloused disregard for human rights. If the UK is to take a meaningful stand against the CCP, it needs to move away from its dependence on Beijing.

A number of members of Congress have indicated that they would support a redefinition of the CCP from a “systemic competitor” to a “systemic threat,” provided that it is accompanied by careful adjustments and corresponding policy changes, particularly in the areas of supply chain and national security.

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