The New Federal State Of China Is In Action

On December 16, the NFSC fellow fighters participating in the AMERICAFEST event arrived in Phoenix and carried out a series of preparatory work including setting up booths, preparing flyers, and warmly communicating with our new and old friends who came here.

According to the Little Prince’s introduction Little Prince, the background wall supplier of our booth did not intend to attend the grand event. When knowing that we were NFSC members to take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), they contacted three colleagues to help us make the backdrop as soon as possible. The supplier also came to Phoenix to attend 2022 AMERICAFEST.

Our fellow fighters also designed the flyers with the photo of Rodin’s The Thinker considering CCP’s evil infiltrations in the US and the cartoon of the U.S. attorney selling the American courthouse to Winnie Xi. Hopefully, they can help wake up more Americans.

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