The New Federal State Of China From Phoenix To The World

On December 17, Miles Guo explained the significance of the “rebirth operation” in Phoenix city to the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the world at large through an audio presentation.

What is happening in Phoenix shows that the New Federal State of China has fully entered new heights. The people at the scene will join us in taking down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with all their belongings. In the next dozen days, the governments of the United States, Europe, Japan, Germany, and other countries will make their latest political assessments of the NFSC. Starting today, the Whistleblower Movement will reach a new level, and achieve a higher Himalayan goal. In addition to destroying the CCP, we must save more compatriots and more people around the world, spread the rule of righteousness and awaken people all over the world.

Miles cautioned fellow fighters that we should never waste our energy on internal conflicts, as we would become the new creators of world civilization.

Finally, he revealed that the CCP’s performance in Saudi Arabia has made almost everyone in the world stand with us and the communist regime is about to be completely finished.

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