The Voice Of An Ordinary Mother At The Protest Site

December 15th marks the 26th day of peaceful protests by the people of the New Federal State of China(NFSC) against the collusion between Paul Hastings, O’Melveny, lawyers, and the Chinese Communist Party to reap vast amounts of dirty money and to persecute dissidents.

Among those protesting in front of the Long Island apartment of O’Melveny’s lawyer Stuart M. Sarnoff, stands a mother in her sixties, Naomi, who has been following the Whistleblower Movement for five years. Even though she didn’t get the support and understanding from her family members who live in fear of the CCP, Naomi, who showed tenacity, determination to destroy the CCP, and strong sense of responsibility as a mother, is willing to fight for her next generation, despite fatigue, rain, and cold. Naomi’s simple words are touching!

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