NFSC Live Interview At AMFEST: It’s A Battle Of Spirit

From December 17 to 20, the second AMERICA FEST event, organized by the U.S. NGO Turning Point USA (TPUSA), has been held in Phoenix, Arizona. The convention center exhibit hall was already bustling with freedom lovers of all ages. New Federal State of China (NFSC) fellow fighter Nicole interviewed a young man at the NFSC booth. Nicole spoke about the possible consequences of the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of the United States, which could lead to “today’s Hong Kong, tomorrow’s US,” and how it is both the responsibility and the mission of the NFSC to expose the ugly practices of the CCP, in collusion with the dark forces of the world, to spread communism to democratic countries. The young interviewee had a deep understanding of this. He said that Americans have always been pampered with the idea that communism is far from reality, when in fact it is already around. The NFSC is honored for its acts of righteousness. This is a battle of the spirit, a battle of the soul, and we must stand together.

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