TikTok Sued by the State of Indiana

On December 7th, the Indiana State in U.S. filed a lawsuit against TikTok, citing TikTok’s violation of the state’s consumer protections laws, misleading its user on their data, and inability to safeguard young users.

The TikTok App, which was rated for users with at least 12 years old, deliver sexual, alcoholic, and drug-related contents to users below age 12. Also, despite TikTok’s claim that user’s data are safe, TikTok are collecting the personal data on the users in U.S. The Indian lawsuits pointed out that CCP has shown their interests in information that TikTok collected. CCP can use these information to monitor and even extort American users.

Towards these charge, Indiana is demanding the court to order TikTok to pay $5,000 in penalties for every single violation. Meanwhile, the State is also seeking State’s Superior Court to order TikTok to stop the false and misleading claims the TikTok is appropriate for young users.

Earlier, Maryland banned the use of TikTok in state’s executive branch, citing concerns on cyber-espionage, surveillance of government entities, and collection of sensitive personal information. Larry Hogan, the Maryland governor said products like TikTok would post unacceptable cybersecurity threats to local government.

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