Fire is the Last Resource for the Unarmed Chinese People to Save Themselves

In most of his videos on Gettr, Miles Guo has repeatedly emphasized the importance of fire. On December 5, the New Federal State of China (NFSC)’s “Fay Fay Show” explained again how fire is probably the last resource for the weak to save themselves when facing oppression.

The host from the show discussed that the Second Amendment of the United States gives people the right to use firearms to protect themselves, but in Communist China, people are deprived of this right. However, when people face deadly threats to their lives and properties, they cannot just sit still and accept death.

They should use all means to save themselves and they also need courage and wisdom to fight against the powerful. At the moment, fire is probably the last resource that the Chinese people can empower themselves. Fire can be obtained easily, and cannot be controlled by anyone easily even the powerful. Ultimately fire is more effective than other means, such as water or speech.

The NFSC would never support violence to harm others and endanger the society, but would encourage people who are oppressed and face life-threatening dangers to defend their rights.

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