Petro-RMB And Nuclear Expansion Are Sounding The Death Knell For The CCP

On December 9 local time, Xi Jinping announced at the summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) that he will import large amount of crude oil from the GCC countries, expand the import of liquefied natural gas, and use the platform of the Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange to carry out RMB settlements of crude oil and gas trades. At the same time, the China Gulf Nuclear Technology Forum and the Nuclear Security Demonstration Center have been established to train talents in the use of nuclear energy and nuclear technology for the Gulf countries. So far, Xi Jinping’s obvious ambitions of financial penetration and nuclear expansion in the Middle East are exposed.

Miles Guo has long warned the world that the Belt and Road initiative is a tool for the CCP to maintain its rule in China and achieve global dominance. The focus of this trip to Saudi Arabia is to implement the RMB settlement for crude oil, which is the core of the “financial unrestricted war” and aims to sabotage the status of the international currency established by the Bretton Woods system, mainly the U.S. dollar, and to strike the financial and economic power of the United States and the Western world. It is easy to imagine that the United States will swiftly combat this scheme. The petro-RMB and the nuclear military expansion in the “powder keg” region of the Middle East have sounded the death knell for the demise of the Xi Jinping-led CCP.

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