Paul Hastings’ Support and Promotion of Antisemitism, Racism and Disinformation

According to a report, on Dec 4th, 2022, a Jewish lawyer named Elliot Dordick from New York, filed an Ethics Complaint to Supreme Court, Appellate Division First Judicial Department against the law firm Paul Hastings LLP (“Paul Hastings”) as well as four individuals who are involved in the matter, regarding their misconduct in one of their recent court filings.

According to Dordick, the misconduct occurred in Paul Hastings and its partners’ formal filings in a matter related to the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of Ho Wan Kwok (Miles Guo), the high-profile Chinese dissident, the leader of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement, and the founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

Instead of providing actual evidence obtained through the due procedure, Luc A. Despins, the long-term partner of Paul Hastings and the appointed trustee of Miles Guo’s Chapter 11 case, and Paul Hastings filed court documents containing at least five citations of an article authored by Pepe Escobar dated August 5, 2022, from The Unz Review (TUR) website, as supporting “information” and serves as a factual basis, without disclosing the fact that the owner of the website Ron Unz is a notorious, antisemitic Holocaust denier who promotes anti-immigrant views.

Dordick argues that Despins and Paul Hastings’ court filing argument relies heavily upon the information presented in TUR article, and has shown their support and promotion of TUR’s value, which should be considered as misconduct and unethical.

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