Americans Express Support to NFSC’s 90-Day Protest

To fight against the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution and unrestricted judicial warfare, the citizens of the New Federal State of China have organized a series of street protests since Nov 20th, 2022.

The NFSC’s protests were held at different locations in multiple states and cities across America, including New York City, Washington D.C., Connecticut, Boston, etc. Chinese and street protest is a rare combination in terms of advocating for human rights historically, which is due to the totalitarian regime and controls the CCP has over its people, even now the NFSC protesters have to cover their faces because they worry that the CCP will locate and disappear their family members who still live in China, using advanced big data face recognition technology.

The 90-day street protest action entered its 20th day on Dec 9th, over the last 3 weeks, the American public has shown tremendous support to the NFSC citizens, some of them even joined the NFSC’s protest action themselves. Let’s watch what the Americans have said: 

12/7/2022 SAY NO TO EVIL DAY 18: An American young man who was interviewed by us on the protest site said, from the conversation with our fellow fighters and our protest signs, he has learned that the CCP spy Weijian Shan has helped the CCP steal Americans’ money. He believes that banning TikTok in the US will prevent evil forces like the CCP and Russia from collecting information on Americans.

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