The Number Of Sudden Deaths Among Athletes Surged By 1700% Since The Vaccination Against CCP Virus

A recent investigation report on the sudden deaths among athletes found out that since the vaccination against the CCP virus, the monthly average number of deaths from January 2021 to April 2022 was about 1700% higher than that between 1966 and 2004. The current trend so far in 2022 showed this figure might soar to 4120% if the death toll continued to rise.

According to a scientific study published in 2006 by the Division of Pediatric Cardiology at the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland, there were 1,101 sudden deaths among athletes under the age of 35 between 1966 and 2004, while official statistics in 2022 showed a total of 673 athlete deaths were recorded between January 21, 2021, and April 22, 2022. Despite the 428 fewer deaths, the 1,101 deaths were reported over 39 years while the recent 673 deaths occurred over only 16 months. In addition, there were 394 deaths recorded in 2021, 14 times higher than the annual average between 1966 and 2004. The number of deaths in the first four months of 2022 has reached up to 279, about 9.96 times higher than the above-mentioned annual average. However, the figure is only official data from January to April, 2022, the actual number might be higher and has been increasing.

So why has there been such a dramatic increase in the sudden death rate among athletes since January, 2021, a month after the first dose of CCP virus vaccine was administered to the public? How to hold the decision-makers and vaccine promoters accountable deserves continued attention.

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